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Anonymous asked: Am I mistaken -- not only the did the digests got revamped to this bizarre format.. and they said the digest were going to be 320 pgs.(Jumbo Digests) 192 pgs. (Comics Annual) 160 pgs. (reg. Double Digests) Then Poof the prices went up a $1.00 then I noticed the pgs. count seems to have dropped.. I think the revamped regular double digest has gone from 160 pgs. to 148 pages or less.

You’re totally correct that the digests have gone up a dollar, 6.99 for Jumbo Digests, 5.99 for Comics Annuals, and 4.99 for Comics Digests.  As of September, the 32 page books will bump up a dollar as well to 3.99. Though as near as I can tell, looking at recent issues, the page counts have remained the same.